Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding journey: blog style

We booked the venue! This is a view from the entrance. It is a smaller venue... meaning the guest list has to and will be small. Which is PERFECT.

It is a little saddening that this lovely art wont be there when we tie the knot. The art changes monthly.

Welcome to the swanky bar area! Too bad Ricky and I don't drink. Sorry guests no boos for you. But we will have our food beyond the glass doors.

Food and drink will go here.

This is Ricky the second love of my life. Honestly though, the more and more this man talked, the more I loved him! He is our assistant provided by the venue to help us out through the duration of our planning. He was SO helpful and knowledgeable, it was a refreshing     change from the other venue that was a mess. Look at his shirt. Look at his face. Ugh I love him!

I would love to own one of  these portraits.
We are so beyond excited for our wedding now. It is so "us". We are not one of those couples that has to have 1,000 guests and lavished decor. Barf. We love that the space is quaint and so modern. The only bad thin, is, if one of the guests breaks any of the art, they have to pay for it. Be careful people!

Stay golden^^