Friday, October 19, 2012

Taylor Swift on the Ellen show

On our way to the LA Zoo to be taken to the Ellen show!

SPiCEYRiCEY:" Lets take a cute pic..... or put your finger in your nose....." -.-

These were the first bunch of buses to take us to the show.

Portable metal detectors. 

We got to the LA Zoo parking lot around 11:00. Check in time was 1:00, we didn't get on the buses until almost 3:00. Us, being the smarties that we are only had enough time to eat Poptarts before we took off. T.T. This man had a megaphone with Ellen's face on it. We were given Arrowhead water before we got to the show, this guys is telling us we had to get rid of the water because the show is not sponsored by Arrowhead. No big, we got Smart water once we got to the studio.

Our wristbands ^,^

We got to watch performances while we were driven. It was super loud on the bus. Think summer camp.

Only MrSPiCEY could fall asleep on a loud bus.

The parking area of The Warner Brother Studios!

opps! This picture is out of order. This was pre bus loading. MrSPiCEY  was so tired. Poor guy.

When Ellen came out into the crowd everyone's phone flew up into the air to try and capture a picture... us included. Before Ellen came out, the stage manager came out to pump the crowd up. He had us practice jumping up and down to music and had us pump our fists to the chorus. He did a really great job to take our minds off the heat  and get us excited. Thats why he gets paid the BIG bucks.



I love him so much

I completely draw a blank when I am trying to think of what this shirt style is called. It is so flattering! I got a big butt, but a small waist, so this shirt really gave me an hourglass look. Wearing my wedges helped make me look stretched out. (ignore the classy toilet)

We finally ended up eating around 6:00 pm. OMG! I love my food....waiting that long was hard. We had been waiting in the sun all day, standing, dying of hunger and dying of seeing Ellen. This is the Veggie burger from a fine place called The Habit. That strawberry milkshake hit the spot too (extra whip)!

Taylor Swift is way more gorgeous in person than she is in print! Who is her makeup artist? She was not sweating at all and the sun was blaring down on her. What is your secret Taylor? I shall find out.

Dang, another picture out of order. Sorry guys.

MrSPiCEY took this picture!

o0o0o0o00o0o0o fancy.


She is super tiny.

That hair.... I am not saying that in a good way. They did throw a BUNCH of picks out into the crowd. That was pretty cool.

Ellen on guitar. Who knew?

Okay, I will hold your hand, you don't have to beg. ~,^

This looks like an act of violence, but Ellen was acting like she was going to smash her silver sparkly guitar on the floor.

Pretty cool.

How did this all get started? The answer is super simple- Twitter. So I follow @theellenshow on Twitter (you should be too) and one day she sent out a tweet saying something like: "If you want to see Taylor Swift preform send an email to this address _______." So I did email, thinking there was no way I would get picked. About a week later I got an email from someone I didn't know, so I opened it and it said I WON 2 TICKETS TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT. 

I freaked out and thought of my friend Maggiedarling  first thing. I went to call her but thought I should probably ask MrSPiCEY if he wanted to go. I ended up tweeting about it and Maggiedarling ended up contacting me. So she couldn't bail on her school or her job and couldn't go in the end. While this is all going on MrSPiCEY was asleep! Once he woke up I told him about everything and he said he would go. Yay.

I though for sure I would not get the day off for it. I work at a private practice and wasn't sure if getting the day off was going to hurt my position. I was trying really hard to think of how I was going to ask my boss for the time off. The most popular choice (via my personal Facebook) was to lie. Honesty is always the best policy, so I just told my boss the whole story.

His response? "Go for it kid". So thats how it all happened.

Stay golden^^

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