Sunday, October 7, 2012

I was addicted to changing my hair

 It all started by adding a little bit of black under my fringe. I am probably 18 in this picture... I am also probably wearing extensions.
 This picture the bottom half of my head was shaved.... what a HUGE mistake. This was also my attempt to put red on bleached hair. Ha! I am so glad I don't have to rinse my hair in ice cold anymore to keep the red from bleeding.
 I tried and tried to keep the red. After many ruined towels and tears later I would give up on bright red.
 I also tried growing out my shaved head (underneath) while keeping the rest of my hair long... What was I thinking?
 Duck face. Enough said. MrSPiCEY with his snakebites. Awww when we were kids. <3 br="br">
 Like I said I really tried to make this red hue work.
 When my hair was black I looked so, so washed out. Yikes. This was not my favorite color.
 I LOVED being blonde and having blue bangs. It was a rebellious strike against my old boss. -.- Sad to admit, but true. 
 This A-line cut got me so many compliments and inquiries about who my stylist was. I was fearless and would cut and color my own hair all the time. 

 Duck face. Black hair. Black 16 inch extensions.
 My senior year of high school I wore this, red on top and black underneath.
 Fun fact: MrSPiCEY and I had our first kiss this night, That however, is a whole different story.
 Super short, super blonde.
 Dark brown up top, blonde streaks and black extensions under. Classy.
 As senior year progressed, so did the black dye in my hair.
 The black dye finally took over.
 Short fire engine red. <3 br="br">
 Short, dark brown with black peek-a-boo's.
 My favorite and most damaging hair style.
 I loved these bangs. No idea how I cut them for them to turn out this way.
 Black shirt A line.
 Very fried strawberry blonde.
 Short and curly.
 Natural red with red and black peek-a-boo's
 Maroon with white fringe. I think I was trying to connect with my inner Rouge.
 Those bangs again.
Having blonde hair made me feel like Kaye from Tithe by Holly Black. She was half Japanese and had blonde hair. I am half Korean and had fake blonde hair... I mean... sort of the same. 

Ok this concludes my hair confessions requested by a few people.

Stay golden^^

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