Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kcon 2012

 I have been asking MrSPiCEY for the longest time if he would take pictures for my blog and facebook. He always said no, due to his lack of photography lessons. Well last night he said he would! Yay!!!!!!!!
Over priced chicken
 As I was taking this picture the vendor we bought it from was yelling "take a picture from the other side!". I did not.

 There was so much NASTY love for Eatyourkimchi! They were the main and really only  reason we wanted to go to Kcon. They were both really sick, but still genuine and humbled by their fans. Ps they are both super tall!
The pitures are out of order and crazy T.T. This is such a large post I'm sorry.

 Look at these Simon and Martina cosplayers!

The stage had these amazing cubes.

We were so smart to wait in those seats for so long. The Youtube tent was way too small.

 This. Right here.
Simon wasn't pulling a celeb move with the sunglasses, he actually had a horrendous case of pink eye. It looked more like bio hazard red eye.  
As soon as they walked in the tent everyone started screaming their heads off.

 Martina you are such a BABE! She is so tall and slender! I thought she was actually shorter, because of how she looks on screen... but holy hell she was tall. I really can't say much because I am a whopping 5"2. T.T Everyone is tall.
I gave them some gifts but I didn't take a picture of what was in their bags. What a bad blogger. 

I was shaking when  I went up to her to hand her the bags. I told her I was SPiCEYRiCEY and I had sent gifts before and she remembered  that I had sent her a bunch of earrings. I was really happy to hear that and so pleased to get a chance to say hi. I have met some Youtubers, crafters and bloggers who are internet famous, and sadly they were stuck up and such a disappointment. Martina did not come across as that at all. She looked me in the eye and I could tell she was honestly thankful of everyone's support  and  surprised by the gifts.

The line to get into the concert was huge.

This lady could tell we were struggling trying to take pictures, so she moved over and told us we could take pictures where she was sitting because the view was more central. Bless her Korean pop loving heart.


First time hearing of Dumbfounded but he totally gained two new fans last night

Always a sea of glow sticks at a kpop concert.

Loved these guys!

Pop and lockers? Is that the term? It doesn't matter what the term is, they were sick!

 The BAP boys are so cute.

I was so happy when they performed this song. This is EXO-M

 MrSPiCEY got a lot of pictures of Hyun A. I think he is in love. I am too, do you see those heels she is dancing in?!

 G Na was hilarious... but I don't think she was trying to be

look at those legs

One of the hosts of the night. I had no idea who he was, but I guess he has a really popular show online.

The drive home was so long. I was hoping the Red Bull would keep me up, but it didn't.

                                                       Now for our review on Kcon.

MrSPiCEY's rating: 6 out of 10

My rating: 5 out of 10

We are rating the con off of a few things.
- Organization
- Safety
- Information
- Location
- Entertainment

Organization: This con was very poorly organized. Keeping the fact that this is Kcon's first year in mind when coming up with our rating, it still wasn't enough to make us less unhappy about it. The first thing we thought to ourselves upon entering was "This is a mess". There was just so much going on at all times (just like any and all conventions you go to) but instead of it being fun and exciting, it was stressful.

We may not go back next year because of this reason. They would really have to have an impressive line up of guests for it to be worth it to us, to see if the organization improved.

Safety: It was very crowded and it was made clear a few times that the security guards were not on the same page. That was unsettling. You want to go somewhere knowing you are safe. We didn't feel like we were in any sort of danger but we also didn't feel like much would get done if something bad happened.

Information: When Kcon was being advertised on Youtube, it made it seem like the bands were going to be having lengthy meet ups and doing a good  deal of signings. They really made it seem like they were going to be doing a lot of fan interactions for the entire day. Now, knowing this is every fan girl/boy dream, it seemed unlikely they would be literally  mingling with the fans for an entire day. It would be very tiring and could be potentially dangerous to the performers. If anything I thought it would be something for many fans to get to enjoy and participate in, in a controlled environment. This was not the case. In order for the fans to get into the (tiny) tent, you had to receive a voucher, (limited to 100 or so) from  the staff that was randomly passing them out. If this information was presented up front I think the turn up for Kcon would have been a little different. This voucher situation didn't effect me much because I was really there for Eatyourkimchi, but I think this was a big piece of info they should have mentioned to their patrons prior to the convention.    

You also were not able to bring food into the convention. There was a lot of food tossed out during security check. What a shame.

Location: Kcon was held at the Verizon amphitheater in Irvine California.  The walk from the parking lot to security and ticket check was short. The walk from security to the con was a little longer, but not bad. Once on the actual grounds, you were bombarded with long lines and small tents everywhere. The whole set up was more of a carnival, complete with cotton candy and balloons. There were so many people, but not enough room. 

Entertainment: The bands were great. I was happy to see Youtubers there and I have to say I really liked the panels they had at Kcon. They were very informative and entertaining over all.

The end. This post was huge!
Stay golden^^


  1. Great post!! I would've gone there just for Eat Your Kimchi too :p
    Although seeing EXO-M perform I Lost My Pants - I mean What Is Love - would have been cool too ;D

    Btw the main host was Danny, former member of 1TYM, from YG ^^b

  2. Thank you so much!! ^,^ No wonder, he was so good looking. <3

  3. This post is actually so good :D

    Detailed and clean but its dissappointing that they did not organize better. Just like many free K-POP concerts, conventions,they should stop underestimating KPOP fans.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! It really encourages me to keep posting. I hope next year will have better organization and information.