Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Favs + weight loss

I feel so SPiCEY with my fringe back... unfortunately it was a solo mission, so I will have to go get it fixed by a professional. Fall is upon us and so is the lingering of a cold I am trying so hard to kick.

So month to month I am trying to take pictures and monitor my healthy weight loss. Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage and post the pictures when I reach my goal. I wish I had more time to do yoga and really be the fit me, that I have been in the past. I have lost some weight with *juicing (plenty to look up on Youtube and Pintrest if you are interested). I first started juicing in May 2012, weighing in at 136ishlbs. By July of 2012 I dropped down to 120 lbs and have manged this weight since. Keep in mind that I have only been doing this with  diet alone. I cant wait to get into the physical aspect of it..... I need motivation.

Stay golden^^ 

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