Sunday, October 13, 2013

So... Maybe I forgot all about this blog thing

My last post was about engagement photos and now the wedding has come and gone. This whole year has sort of dissolved before I could really plan anything. MrSPiCEY and myself are so happy the wedding planning is over, but totally overjoyed to be married.

All of my social networks have made a shift. I no longer make items to sell for Etsy, or do the beauty thing on YouTube. I just found myself being in a place I didn't really want to be in with the HeySPiCEYRiCEY YouTube. People are smart, and they can tell when you are forcing something. I got on YouTube wanting to do creative things, things that made me happy, or just being able to post material where I don't reveal EVERY aspect of my life.  So I separated myself from my main YouTube channel to move on to things I love.

I might keep this blog as a semi dairy but who knows it might make the shift too.

Thank you for reading, hope to post soon

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wedding update

^,^; So uh, it has been awhile. I am drowning in a pile of cosplays for AX 2013 (nerdy person problems?), and hitting the gym 4 times a week... soon to be 6 times. Don't worry two of those days are yoga. Anyways sorry for the lack of postage. Here are a few pictures from our engagement shoot.
Fun fact: These soft, romantic looking plants were poky foxtails and sticker producers. Our photographer did a fantastic job turning my less than savory location choice ( Yes, it was my "great" idea) into a beautiful picture perfect place.

Eat your heart out Mr. Sparks! Dress is from Kohl's.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

People You Should Know: David9le

WOOHOO! I am very excited to bring some more man power to this blog! MrSPiCEYS friend David Le lets you know what he is all about. If you are into video games, or even if you aren't, you have to read this charming interview I got to do. Keep an eye out for this guy, he has got the talent and the drive and he is someone you SHOULD know.

1. Please tell everyone reading who you are. 
First off thank you for inviting me on to do the interview, Let's go! Hello all, my name is David Le but most often referred by as 2siQQ and I'm an eSpots enthusiast (competitive online games).  I make Call of Duty videos to showcase my skills and  occasionally vent about current events.  

These are screen caps I got from David9le's youtube page.

2. Can you tell us about your videos on YouTube? 
Yes, I first started out making sniper montages for fun and I started to get some really good feedback from friends, and the compliments became my inspiration to create more video's.  As time went on, I started to create commentaries so my audience got to know me a little better as a gamer and would hopefully learn a thing or two. 

3. What is your favorite style of video to make? 
It really depends, the process of making a montage takes a long time due to the process of obtaining clips, editing and finding music but the final process is so rewarding.  Commentaries are a great way for me to speak my mind and show my thought process, so I guess you can say I like doing both, just depends on how much time is available to me.

4. A lot of people today are really just in it "all" for the money, what are your opinions about that? 
I feel anyone who has that mentality really won't be able to earn a lot of money making video's.  It's not as simple as making a video, posting it and money comes raining in. Personality is everything because that's the only way to differentiate yourself from all the others, you really have to love what you do to really make money, but that's not to disapprove that there are people out there that are solely in it for money, saddly.

5. If you were offered a sponsorship would you accept? 
It really depends on the sponsorship, of course since my channel is so small a sponsorship could help me out a lot but I don't want it to change the way I make and produce content.  An ideal situation would be a sponsorship that I felt  benefited both parties,  something that I could give back to them for believing in what I do. 

6. What company would you like to team up with if sponsorship was at hand? 
haha this question makes me laugh because there are so many great companies out there that I could prob never name them all but I'll do my best to name a few.  The first one that comes to mind would be Astro Gaming, they produce gaming headsets that most pro's use.  I actually own a pair myself and I love the quality of the product and I love what they do for the community of eSports.  For the next company as much as it pains me to say, it would prob have to be Scuf Gaming controllers. They create some beautiful controllers but my only thing is that I would like a controller without the paddles on the back.

7. Are there any pro gamers you would love to play with? 
I've actually had a chance to play with a few pro gamers, OpTic NaDeSHoT and OpTic Scumpii who are among a legendary list of top players. But I really would love a shot to play alongside OpTic BigTymer.  He is by far the most successful Call of Duty player winning about 13 CoD Championships.
Another player that I'd like to meet would be imMVP, a StarCraft 2 player.  He is regaurded as one of the best if, not the best in the world.  I admire his work ethics and I've also been told we have a strong resemblance. ^_^ 
Not David9le

8. Any pro gamers you would love to go head to head ( people you would want to dominate)?  
OpTic Gaming squad hahah, though I do idolize them as players I would love to show them what I've got.  When  I first learned about competitive gaming they were the first team I followed, thanks to them I love all the aspects of competitive eSports.

9. Getting into online gaming seems like a pretty intense community, what are something's you really like about it and dislike?  
Yes the community is actually really brutal, my biggest dislike about the community is it's immaturity.  A lot of players feel that opportunities are handed as opposed to being earned, a lot of team changes occur on a daily basis because people feel that and loss means the team is a complete failure.  The mentality should really be on identifying where mistakes were made and how to correct them.  But the community is still fairly new so there are positive signs of growth. 

10. There's a lot of trash talking online, do you trash talk? 
This is a great question because this really refers back to my previous answer in the last question, there is a bunch of smack talking. Personally I try to stay away from that, yeah there may be a few times where I let out a "Let's Fucken go!" but I'm usually more focused on making call outs on enemy positions for my teams knowledge. 

11. What does your gamertag mean? 
2siQQ is a way of saying that's "so Cool!" it actually originated from a group of friends because we used to say QQ when someone would complain because the Q's together look like someone is crying hahah.  So if we really think about it, it's really cool to make people cry... lol

12. Game of choice? 
Call of Duty Black ops II and FIFA 13 and I am getting back into the Star Craft 2 scene.

13. Do you belong to any sort of team? 
I have tried to put a team together but we really didn't have the time to put in to become great, I would love to try again but it really requires more then dedication.  

14. Any plans to get into competitions? 
Funny you ask, Mr. SPiCEY and I are in talks of competing at the local tournament in his area, there are still a lot of details to figure out from there but other than that I plan on attending MLG Anaheim as a spectator.   

15. When you are not playing Xbox what do you like to do? 
That's a really hard question because I feel like I've become addicted to xbox, this may come off as really nerdy but I often watch pro players stream to learn more about the game and different tactics.  

When I'm not at the computer I enjoy playing sports, mainly soccer and tennis.  If I'm not doing that I'm prob stuffing my face with food. haha I'm a pretty simple guy, gaming is my escape it helps me deal with stress.

lightning round! Please say the FIRST  thing that comes to mind with the following words: 

1. Rage - C4
2. Optic - GOAT of CoD
3. N00bs - easy kill
4. PS4 - meh..
5. Ripped - wish I was
6. Girlfriends - only have one Xtena ( David9le inserted a heart here, but I couldn't upload the blog w/ it due to html codes.... but I thought it was so cute I had to tell you all - SR)
7. Kpop - After School!
8. Corn - does not digest to well
9. Team - Everything 
10. SPiCEY - Ricey 

Where can people find out? 
There are a few ways to find me
Twitter: @2_siQQ

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday time

Excited much?

Wait! Is that Bryson John, from Bryson John Photography?

This year at work, everyone gets a cake for their birthday. How cool is that?

AlphaSPiCEY ( my Mom) got me this cute sash to wear. It says birthday girl.

If you count the candles you will know my age. Some candles are hiding behind the candles pictures. ^,~

Getting serenaded.

My close and beautiful friend Bellabeauty1993

Huge copy of our Howl and Sophie  cosplay!!! Thank you Bryson.

Bridesmaids babes

This is so cute I have to frame it.

Longest burning candle ever.

MrSPiCEY gift!!!!!

This birthday was so much fun! We played Catch Phrase and ate way too much cake. I just wanted to show you guys a few things I got. 

Stay Golden^^