Sunday, October 13, 2013

So... Maybe I forgot all about this blog thing

My last post was about engagement photos and now the wedding has come and gone. This whole year has sort of dissolved before I could really plan anything. MrSPiCEY and myself are so happy the wedding planning is over, but totally overjoyed to be married.

All of my social networks have made a shift. I no longer make items to sell for Etsy, or do the beauty thing on YouTube. I just found myself being in a place I didn't really want to be in with the HeySPiCEYRiCEY YouTube. People are smart, and they can tell when you are forcing something. I got on YouTube wanting to do creative things, things that made me happy, or just being able to post material where I don't reveal EVERY aspect of my life.  So I separated myself from my main YouTube channel to move on to things I love.

I might keep this blog as a semi dairy but who knows it might make the shift too.

Thank you for reading, hope to post soon

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