Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creep is MIA

Lucky for me I have not seen "The Creep" since I posted this blog.

On another note... How are you? I see that ppl visit my blog, but I only have one follower. That doesn't matter though. I just want to take the time to see how you are doing.

How am I? I am doing well.
Just "well" you ask?
Well, yeah. :) I can't really complain about anything. I have okay health, a job, a loving partner, great friends. Sooo, whats missing?

Most days I forget that I am so young. No I am not a baby anymore, but I am in my prime. I should be living it up. Right?

I feel like the people around my age are always going to concerts, road trips, dancing etc, etc, etc. That just sounds like fun. I guess though when I take a closer look to these particular people that I'm talking about, none of them seem 100% happy.

What am I even trying to say? I love my life, I just wish I had more time ( and money) to get out of my work clothes and get out there.

I think I would like to drive to Canada soon. Or go to Disney World. Save up and see Love Never Dies in London.

Another thing, I wish I had a basic, flat digital camera so I could take pictures on a daily basis. I have one of those cameras that has the lens that sticks out. It seems more noticeable pulling that out of my purse to capture a moment.

Room in my bag is already sparse.

Ramble much? Ok well bye!

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