Friday, August 13, 2010

Creep at 12 o'clock. (not yours, mine)

<---- This picture was taken when I didn't know the web cam was still on. -.- There are about 5 more but this one was ok, so I thought I would show you.

I'm not sure how the pictures were taken, but I was editing pictures, sending emails, watching crack (aka youtube). The point I'm trying to make is my paranoia for technology has been confirmed.

Don't you feel weird when you're on your comp and there is a built in camera?

I tell my boyfriend all the time we never know who is watching. I'm not crazy I swear.

I probably just clicked the take button too many times, the program froze, unfroze a little after and took the picture(s) it failed to take earlier.

Speaking of creepy, which this post is about, there is a strange man that comes into my work.
I am documenting his strange behavior on here so you can all be witness if he is in fact as creepy as I feel in my bones.

Ladies, you know tht feeling you get when you meet someone and something feels off? Or the way your stomach turns when you are alone and someone is around you, watching your every move? Judging what step to take next?

Well this man: about 5"9 150 Lbs
Comes into my work and stares at me.
Not just I need your assistance, so I am looking at you for direction. He stares. Smiles with his mouth, makes lite conversation, but his eyes always stay the same. To be honest they look like "I want to hurt you."

Anyways this blog is... taking a turn for personal that I don't want to get into. Well I actually have  to go jog 2 miles so I must leave you to ponder about the creep.

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