Monday, August 9, 2010


Hahahaha sorry this is a really cute picture I know.

Busy day today. (craft wise)
I'm going to go to the much avoided craft store today. I could watse the whole day and entirity of my bank account.
Which is exactly the reason why I avoid going to the craft store unless I NEED something. Well when doesn't a girl need something.... What I am trying to say is I try to only go when I am out of something, or running low and need to replace it.

I should get a fruit smoothie today. That would help things go smoothly. No pun intended.

opp just got an email from the post office saying my order has come in. Thank goodness! I made this really cool necklace but I really wanted to put these black rhinestones on that I had ordered from Japan.

Well I think I am going to take some pictures of the mess I am going to make in about 10 mins and share with you the chaos I call crafting.

<3 wish me luck.

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