Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm not one of those girls

Growing up I have never been raised to.. blow smoke up anyone's butt. It is really THAT simple.

So when there are some girls talking badly about me continuously, I  don't jump at the first chance to kiss their butts. 

I can't.

1. Because I just don't want to
2. Said people don't deserve that kind of treatment from me.
3. It is extremely hard for me to be fake and act like I don't particularly like you.

*Please note: In a working situation this is obviously different. I am also not one of those girls who starts drama at the work place. Although my feelings for you are not those of happy feelings, I will treat the person I work with as an equal and civilly.

So does this quality make me a strong, or weak person? At times maybe it is a little bit of both.

But the way I am will never change, and so my integrity will stay.

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