Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Real Gorgeous anyway?

Welcome to Real Gorgeous! It isn't improper grammar, it is a way of viewing yourself. All those girls you see on TV or see on magazines seem so untouchable and frankly, unrealistic ideals of what we should all be. It is time to take a step back and ask yourselves what makes you... you? The real you is what matters most, you're beautiful and there is only one of you out there. My good friend bellabeauty1993 and I have teamed up to make these videos for all of you. When you watch Real Gorgeous videos we hope you feel like you belong.

What started off as a simple idea for my friend and I to hang out more, turned into something I have always wanted to do. We now have a set monthly video segment on YouTube and couldn't be happier. We really wanted to make it fun by trying out things that were popular, and giving our honest  opinions on them. In the future we are going to try weird, and potentially ugly ( To us anyways) fashion trends, and even pour our hearts out. I'm tried of all these girls knocking other girls. I want to bring my positivity and self confidence to the camera and maybe help anyone out there that needs it.

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