Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look what we have here. I am back, and so soon! This week has been so emotionally taxing on me. No time to really complain about it or I will give into the negativity.

How was your week? I don't feel like enough people ask this and really want to know what your answer is. It doesn't matter if you read this post and it is three years from now, I want to know. I will be here to listen to you.

Right now I am listening to: Kremlin Dusk by Utada from the Exodus album. I love when itunes shuffle gets it so right and knows when I am in an eclectic mood.

I started to sketch out my booth for the upcoming bazaar. It is so much better to go in with a game plan then to just throw whatever together. I really want to represent myself 100%. *** Fun note: Being misrepresented is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Well I should really get going I have lots of SPiCEYRiCEY related things to get done. More pictures to come of my daily life. I hope you are all excited... all one subscribers and the random visitors.

Stay golden^^

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