Thursday, July 1, 2010

"How can you be straight edge?!"

It is no secret that myself and my boyfriend are straight edge.
We are very proud to be as a matter of fact, and have no problem answering questions from anyone who askes about it.

That goes without saying, answering intelligent questions are more pleasurable than ignorant ones.

It isn't just some label some hipsters can use to be cool on occasion, it is a daily lifestyle.

We have made a vow to be free of substances and meat for the rest of our lives. We are bond together to the people out there who have made the same vow.

Of course with every kind of group of people who believe in something, there are people who are a more radical version.

We're posi. The  end.

So you have made the choice to party and what have you. That is your life, your choice and we aren't going to punch you in the face if we see you at a party.  

A common misconception that comes with telling people about our life choice is, we don't like to have fun or take chances.

Not true. We still have fun and do normal things,its just without anything up our noses or raging in our blood (of a chemical nature).

You might be thinking: " But I can't see your tattoos? You don't LOOK straight edge to me."
This always gives me a little chuckle. Because I am young and girl I should be at a club or bar getting trashed??
I don't look like I am Korean, but my blood will tell you I am.
I don't  have a sigh around my neck that says I'm allergic to peanuts, but you better bet I am.  

Just because I don't have sleeves doesn't mean I'm not dedicated. My career path doesn't allow me to have that kind of body art. The 2 small visible tattoos that I have are already pushing it.  

This is just something that came to mind after having a discussion about how we live our lives.


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